The feeling, the texture, the sound, the depth, the power, the sensitivity, the nuance, the groove, and so much more. I love everything about drums and am grateful to have been trusted behind a drum set with a variety artists whom I greatly respect, such as: Theo Katzman, Cory Wong, Caleb Hawley, Darren Criss, Charlie Puth, Pomplamoose, Charlie Hunter, Jeff Coffin, Joe Louis Walker, Louis Cato, Dear Evan Hansen (on Broadway), Rufus Wainwright, Ruel, SZA, Maddie Poppe, and others.

When I was 20 I lost all of my hearing in my right ear due to an unexpected medical complication. After four major surgeries spread over the course of two years, my hearing was thankfully restored to a normal level. These two years of my life with only half of my hearing taught me more about music than all other years combined. I believe that music has the power to speak to our hearts and uplift our souls. Music is the universal language and I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to share music in many parts of the world through live performance, education, and recordings.

I’ve lived in Houston, the Hawaiian Islands, Utah, Boston, and currently reside in Brooklyn, NY with my beautiful wife, Jules.

Please shoot me a note in the contact form for inquires about drum recording sessions (remote or in studio), gigs, tours, lessons (in person or online), or just to say hello. I look forward to chatting!



The first time I recorded drums in a professional studio was when I was 12 years old with an eager garage band, Skyward, fronted by my older “rockstar” brother. I remember a distinct moment during that session when an intense feeling swept over me and I knew that I wanted to record drums for the rest of my life. I’m grateful that 20+ years later I’m still recording drums nearly every day and that my drum tracks have been heard millions of times around the world.

My aim is to spread strong and positive energy by recording thoughtful, soulful, genuine, and musical drum tracks for songwriters and producers of all kinds.

I’ve had the opportunity to record in world class commercial studios as well as engineer and record drums remotely from my personal studio. I’d love to talk more about recording drums and percussion for your album, EP, single, jingle, film score, and more.

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A Conversation with Jordan Rose
Jordan Rose - Movement and Touch, overcoming hearing loss
Jordan Rose - Drummer for Theo Katzman, Cory Wong, Caleb Hawley and More


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